Hi, my name is Merry Bruton

I'm always building networks and reaching out to people.
I like to connect with people from all walks of life.
I am a prolific dreamer and interpreter of dreams.
Merry Bruton
Merry Bruton
About Merry Bruton

I’m a lover of people from all walks of life. I specialize in encouraging people, bringing hope and light to seemingly hopeless situations, using tools of inner healing, creative prophetic insight, and dream interpretation.

As a prolific dreamer, I have interpreted many thousands of dreams since I formally studied under John Paul Jackson beginning in 1996. I was released as a Master Certified Dream Interpreter from Streams Ministries in 2005, and now am a full time dream interpreter and minister–teaching classes, writing, mentoring, destiny coaching, building and leading prophetic and dream teams all over the world. Check out my website, www.DestinyDreamz.com.